10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (2024)

Feeling extra hungry while in Ireland’s capital? Check out our 10 favourite buffet restaurants in Dublin.

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (1)

Dublin is brimming with restaurants and eateries aplenty.Whether you’re on the hunt for a date night spot or want somewhere for thewhole family, the city has it all.

As a direct response to Dublin’s increasingmulticulturalism, the variety of cuisines available is impressive. No matterthe craving, you’re bound to find it in the capital city.

To top it off, all you can eat is more popular than ever.Often costing less than a standard bill, many of these joints have tonnes ofchoose from and cater even for the pickiest of eaters.

Whether you’re someone who always wants what your friend ordered or merely someone who likes to try a little bit of everything, this is for you! Here are the top ten buffet restaurants in Dublin.

10. Makati Avenue Filipino Restaurant – for authentic Filipino food

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (2)

Located on Capel Street on the north side of Dublin city isMakati Avenue Filipino Restaurant. This joint has got to be one of the toprestaurants in the city when it comes to authentic Filipino food, and man areyou in for a treat!

With a buffet style display of some of the most delectabledishes from the Philippines, it is safe to say that this will be a meal toremember.

Address:48 Capel St, North City, Dublin, D01 YP79

9. COSMO World Buffet Restaurant – great for big groups

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (3)

Located in the Liffey Valley shopping centre on theoutskirts of Dublin city is COSMO World. This buffet restaurant offers cuisinefrom all over the globe cooked fresh and catering for every diet andpreference.

This is a large restaurant, so it’s great for big groups.Booking in advance is advised on weekends and holidays.

Address:2 Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Fonthill Rd, Dublin 22

8. Fusion Brazilian Grill – for finger-lickin’ good food

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (4)

Set on the north side of Dublin city is Fusion Brazilian Grill. Specialising in flame-grilled meat, this is the perfect place for those looking for finger-lickin’ food.

Its buffet offers endless authentic Brazilian food at anaffordable price for anyone who wants to feel at home, away from home.

Address:North City, Dublin

7. Shouk – forMediterranean delights

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (5)

If you’re looking for Mediterranean buffet restaurants inDublin, look no further than Shouk in Drumcondra. This joint aims to impresswith an endless offering of delectable delights.

The atmosphere is dreamy and the dishes cater for meat-,seafood- and plant-based diets, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Address:40 Drumcondra Rd Lower, Drumcondra, Dublin

6. Lao Chinese and Korean BBQ Restaurant – a great party setting

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (7)

Located on Parnell Square in Dublin city is Lao Chinese and Korean BBQ Restaurant. This place is known for its epic menu of barbequed dishes, and it’s rarely empty either.

Private rooms can be booked for groups, making this a greatparty setting, and if you’re planning a visit any time soon, make sure to trythe hot pot. You can thank us later!

Address:102 Parnell Square W, Rotunda, Dublin 1

5. Jazz Chinese – fora fantastic and affordable buffet

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (8)

Set in the Northside suburb of Kilmore near Coolock is JazzChinese. Indeed this may appear to be your run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurant,but man is their all-you-can-eat offering something to write home about.

For only €20 per person, an endless array of Orientaldelights are yours for the taking – enjoy!

Address:Northside, Dublin

4. Zucconi Sushi Bar – the best sushi in Dublin

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (9)

Near Mountjoy, north of the River Liffey, is Zucconi SushiBar, a Japanese buffet restaurant in Dublin that is well worth a visit.

Locals have tipped this to be the best sushi in the capital city, so if you’re fond of the Eastern delicacy, this place will be your wonderland.

Address:1 Frenchman’s Ln, Mountjoy, Dublin

3. Golden Palace – fora Chinese buffet with table service

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (10)

Located in Whitehall in a Northside suburb of Dublin city is Golden Palace, a Chinese restaurant offering one of the top buffet restaurants in Dublin. Stepping things up a notch, they offer table service that enhances the experience of what would otherwise be a self-serve buffet dinner.

Seeing as this is one of the most popular restaurants in thelocale, booking is advised at Golden Palace.

Address:89 Swords Rd, Whitehall, Dublin 9

2. KC Peaches – for a wholesome and healthy lunch buffet

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (11)

KC Peaches offers offers one of the Dublin’s largestselections of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, andvegetarian food. Their offerings include a fantastic buffet of hot and cold items for breakfast and lunch.

You won’t want to miss this place if you are looking for healthy buffet restaurants in Dublin. They have three locations in Dublin, though our favourite might be the one on Dame Street.

Address:54 Dame St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

1. Mongolian Barbecue – an authentic Mongolian eatery

10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (12)

Situated in the heart of the “cultural quarter” (a local term for Temple Bar) is Mongolian Barbeque, and it has got to be the ultimate all-you-can-eat restaurant in Dublin.

With master chefs preparing dishes fresh in front of youreyes, guests are sure to be transported to the East, engulfed by the aromas andatmosphere of an authentic Mongolian eatery.

Address:7 Anglesea St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

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10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (13)

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10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024) (2024)


10 all-you-can-eat restaurants in DUBLIN (2024)? ›

While meal prices in Dublin can vary, the average cost of food in Dublin is $53 (€49) per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Dublin should cost around $21 (€20) per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Where do celebs eat in Dublin? ›

Top 10 Best Celebrity Restaurants Near Dublin, Dublin
  • Where to find "Celebrity Restaurants" results in Dublin, Dublin? Showing 1-60 of 240.
  • Ruby Tuesday's. 5.0 (3 reviews) ...
  • Shanahan's On The Green. 4.4 (72 reviews) ...
  • Marco Pierre White. 4.0 (82 reviews) ...
  • IL Vicoletto. 4.6 (116 reviews) ...
  • The Pig's Ear. ...
  • The Cobblestone. ...
  • Featherblade.

What is the average cost of a meal in Dublin? ›

While meal prices in Dublin can vary, the average cost of food in Dublin is $53 (€49) per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Dublin should cost around $21 (€20) per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

What time do people in Dublin eat dinner? ›

The Dining Experience in Ireland

The main meal of the day for locals is dinner, meaning making reservations is a good idea, especially if you're planning to dine during peak Irish dinner hours (from 8:00 p.m. onward).

Is it expensive to visit Dublin? ›

All in all, Dublin is definitely expensive to visit but it remains a relatively safe and fun place to explore as a tourist. So, I would recommend still visiting, just make sure you budget well before you do!

What is the best food to eat in Dublin? ›

Here is a list of the famous food locals love to eat in Dublin.
  • Roast gammon. ...
  • Irish stew. ...
  • Seafood chowder. ...
  • Beef and Guinness pie. ...
  • Boxty. ...
  • Dublin coddle. A meaty stew best consumed on cold afternoons. ...
  • Spice bag. Potato chips, chicken, and chili wrapped up in a paper bag. ...
  • Barmbrack. A Christmas cake-like sweet enjoyed on Halloween.

Where did Harry Styles eat in Dublin? ›

They were seen walking down Wicklow Street, South William Street, and then were photographed going into SOLE Seafood & Grill restaurant for some food.

Do you tip in Ireland for dinner? ›

In larger and more frequently visited cities tipping is more and more common; Americans are accustomed to leaving 20%, however the most common practice in Ireland is to leave between 10 and 12%. In nicer restaurants up to 15% (provided that the service charge is not included) is a good rule of thumb.

What do Irish call dinner? ›

In some parts of the United Kingdom (namely, the North of England, North and South Wales, Scotland, and some rural and working class areas of Northern Ireland), people traditionally call their midday meal dinner and their evening meal tea (served around 6 pm), whereas elsewhere people would call the midday meal lunch ...

What is the most common food eaten in Ireland? ›

Popular Irish Foods

Potatoes are mixed with cabbage to make colcannon, mixed with scallions in champ, and added to meat and vegetables to make the traditional Irish Stew. Irish Stew has been a national dish of Ireland for nearly two hundred years, and is a hearty meal appreciated for its ability to satisfying hunger.

What is the best month to visit Dublin Ireland? ›

The best time to visit Ireland is between March and May, and September to November, when it's not as crowded as it is in summer, or as cold as it is in winter. That said, Ireland has a mild, temperate climate and although it's rainy at times, you can visit all year round.

How much is a cup of coffee in Ireland? ›

The average cup of coffee[11] in Ireland costs around €3.65. You earn €3.48 per cup (not including the take-away cup, VAT or other prime costs).

How many euros should I take to Dublin? ›

🤑 How Much Money Will I Need On Tour?
Lunch + drink€25
Dinner + drink€35
Optional activity per day€25 average*
Total Per Day€115
Mar 28, 2024

Where do celebs stay in Dublin? ›

Celebs in Dublin
  • Dylan Hotel. Dublin, Ireland. ...
  • The Grafton Hotel. Dublin, Ireland. ...
  • Leonardo Hotel Dublin Parnell Street. Dublin, Ireland. ...
  • Clontarf Castle Hotel. Dublin, Ireland. ...
  • Dublin Skylon Hotel. Dublin, Ireland. ...
  • Sandymount Hotel. Dublin, Ireland. ...
  • Hotel Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin. Dublin, Ireland. ...
  • The Merrion Hotel.

What is the famous walking street in Dublin? ›

O'Connell Street is the pedestrian mall of Dublin.

Where do the rich and famous live in Dublin? ›

Best for: rich people, outskirt life, and outdoor adventures

15km southeast of central Dublin is Dalkey, an affluent area with a reputation for soaring prices. People such as Bono, Van Morrison and Matt Damon have lived (or still live!) here, and it has a very different atmosphere to all the other entries on this list.

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