Hella Jelly aka Jelly Rancher strain (2024)

Have you ever proudly shared your humble little joint amongst your crew, only to have someone pull out a strain so dank that it makes you green with envy? Well, here’s your chance to return the favor.

With delightful flavors, sublime effects, and versatile growing habits, the aptly named Hella Jelly cannabis strain is a show-stealing cultivar that’s hard to beat.

Hella Jelly strain, also known as Jelly Rancher, comes from Humboldt Seed Company. Though the breeder is less secretive than many others, not all Hella Jelly strain info is available. Our ILGM research team has unearthed as many details as possible and will update you as more comes to light. For now, let’s smoke over what we do know.

  1. Hella Jelly strain genetics
  2. Is Hella Jelly strain indica or sativa?
  3. Hella Jelly attributes
  4. Growing Hella Jelly
    • Hella Jelly strain flowering time and yield
      • Autoflowering time and yield
  5. Hella Jelly strain effects
    • How strong is Hella Jelly weed?
    • Hella Jelly terpenes
  6. Learn more about the Hella Jelly

Hella Jelly strain genetics

Humboldt Seed Company has garnered quite a reputation in the industry, and rightfully so. Known for iconic strains like Magic Mellon, Humboldt Dream, and Freakshow, Hella Jelly is their latest cultivar stirring some waves. They obtained this complex pheno from a combination of three of their well-loved strains: Notorious T.H.C., Very Cherry, and Hella Jelly BX3.

Notorious T.H.C is an indica-dominant cultivar (65:35) with a THC level hovering around 25%. Humboldt created the hybrid by combining their Caramel Cream, Humboldt Frost, and Ghost of Von Humboldt strains. Its plants produce massive colas, and its flavor is boldly kush-driven with pungent fuel. This Humboldt original has earned its stripes by delivering potent, introspective highs that invigorate the mind and calm the body.

Very Cherry packs record amounts of terpenes, so its name says it all. This Hella jelly parent comes from a combination of Lemon Kush BX3 and an unknown cultivar. With its strong cherry fragrance and mid-to-high 18% THC, Very Cherry serves a floaty, heady high that won’t leave you completely couch-locked. It’s undoubtedly a hybrid you’d want in your arsenal.

Hella Jelly BX3 is a triple backcross of Jelly Rancher and the final ingredient in perfecting the Hella Jelly strain genetics. Backcrossing involves breeding a hybrid offspring with one of its parents to stabilize the phenotype. This process takes time, but it allows for producing seeds with characteristics so uniform you’d think they were grown from clones.

Is Hella Jelly strain indica or sativa?

The Hella Jelly strain indica to sativa ratio isn’t very balanced, with an average 30% indica to 70% sativa ratio. Though the Hella Jelly strain’s effects are certainly more sativa-driven, you’ll still get a dose of calming, relaxing indica qualities.

Hella Jelly attributes

Hella Jelly weed strain attributes:
ORIGINNotorious T.H.C. x Very Cherry x Hella Jelly BX3
EFFECTSuplifting, energizing, creative, and euphoric Relaxation, Calmness
FRAGRANCESkunkiness, Gas, Citrus and Berry
FLAVORSSweet, Fruity, Cherry, Berry, Sugary Grapes and Tropical Mango
MEDICALAnxiety, Stress and Inflammation
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORSMid September to early October
THC CONTENT %18% – 27%
CBD %< 1%
INDOOR YIELD8-24 ounces
OUTDOOR YIELD16-64 ounces
CLIMATEMediterranean, Temperate, Continental
TERPENESCaryophyllene, Myrcene and Humulene.

Growing Hella Jelly

Humboldt Seed Company describes their Hella Jelly weed strain as “a sativa plant with an indica structure.” Its neon-green buds are small, fat, and rounded, with a generous coating of tiny crystal trichomes giving it a golden undertone.

Growers say Hella Jelly thrives indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse. This robust hybrid displays vigorous root growth, so raising a healthy plant requires some fertilizer and care. Hella Jelly is easy to grow, allowing even newbie growers to get in on the Hella Jelly fun without getting hella jealous.

Hella Jelly strain flowering time and yield

According to Humboldt, Hella Jelly will flower within 45 days indoors. Outdoors, it’ll be ready for harvest between mid-September and early October.

The Hella Jelly marijuana strain grows into dense, weighty heads that may require some extra support. Growers report producing large yields that can keep you tied over for months.

Disclaimer: The average yield of any cannabis plant depends on several factors, including the skill of the cultivator, growing conditions, strain genetics, and size and health of the plant. It also differs between photoperiod and autoflower plants. However, you can use general estimates as a potential yield per plant guideline. For photoperiod plants, this is 16-64 ounces (450-1814 grams) outdoors and 8-24 ounces (227-680 grams) indoors.

Autoflowering time and yield

Autoflowers don’t require a change in the light cycle, making them considerably faster to grow. The first buds typically appear around four to six weeks and have a flowering time between four and ten weeks.

Like most autoflowers, the Hella Jelly strain will be ready to harvest after ten to fourteen weeks with a potential yield per plant of 1.7-7 ounces (50-200 grams) outdoors and 1.7-4.2 ounces (50-120 grams) indoors.

Hella Jelly strain effects

Hella Jelly strain reviews vividly express love for this hybrid. The consensus is that it’s potent and fast-acting, hitting you almost immediately after exhaling. Some say it makes them thirsty or dry-eyed, but staying hydrated should ease discomfort.

Consumers describe the high as uplifting, energizing, creative, and euphoric. The effects are invigorating yet calming without being overly sedating, making it a great choice for wake-n-bake. Whether you’re a fan of hard-hitting sativas or need some relief from stress and anxiety, Hella Jelly may be your cup of tea.

How strong is Hella Jelly weed?

Averaging around 18%-27% THC (with small traces of CBD and CBG), Hella Jelly exhibits all the finest qualities that a cannabis connoisseur would desire.

The Hella Jelly strain THC level puts it in a bracket both veterans and beginners can enjoy – provided you don’t go too hard, too fast. The best way to test the waters of a new strain is to consume in moderation and enjoy the ride. It’s not a race.

Hella Jelly terpenes

The Hella Jelly marijuana strain showcases a terpene profile prominently featuring caryophyllene, myrcene, and humulene (to name a few). The spicy caryophyllene, also found in GSC and Sunset Sherbet, is associated with anti-anxiety effects. Myrcene is linked to sedative effects, potentially contributing to the calming sensations associated with indica strains. It’s also abundant in hops and mangos. Humulene, commonly found in hops and sage, is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s notably present in strains like Death Star and Skywalker OG.

Aroma & Flavor

Enticing enthusiasts with a vibrant terpene profile featuring notes of cotton candy and berries, the Hella Jelly weed strain lives up to its name. It delivers a sweet, fruity cherry berry flavor with hints of sugary grapes and tropical mango. A pungent skunkiness and a subtle gas background are incorporated within the aroma, highlighting the citrus and berry undertones.

Learn more about the Hella Jelly

Humboldt’s Hella Jelly cannabis strain offers a symphony of flavors, combining the sweetness of cherry berries with the fresh tropical hints of mango and grapes. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Hella Jelly promises a delightful journey for your senses.Head over to our ILGM seed bank to discover other premium cannabis seeds. Stay in the loop with the latest cannabis seed deals by signing up today – your next exciting cannabis experience awaits! Happy smoking!

Hella Jelly aka Jelly Rancher strain (2024)


Is Hella Jelly strain indica or sativa? ›

Hella Jelly is a sativa-dominant hybrid made by crossing Notorious T.H.C. with Very Cherry and Hella Jelly BX3 (f.k.a. Jelly Rancher) — bred by Humboldt Seed Company and was the winner of 2019's Phenotype Mega-Hunt competition.

What strain is Jelly Rancher? ›

Very Cherry x Notorious THC.

Is Jelly Donut sativa or indica? ›

Jelly Donut is an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between Purple Punch and French Toast. Jelly Donut is 20% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for beginner cannabis consumers.

Is Jelly Bean a sativa or indica? ›

The Jilly Bean strain is a traditional 60/40 Sativa/Indica hybrid, with THC levels averaging 18% and CBD levels averaging 1%. Different producers will have small differences in cannabinoids and terpene concentrations.

What is the strongest indica strain in the world? ›

What Is the Strongest Indica Weed Strain? Girl Scout Cookies is among the strongest Indica strains, followed by the Granddaddy Purple hybrid strain and Hindu Kush.

What is the strongest sativa strain in the world? ›

The strongest Sativa is Bruce Banner, with THC around 25%, while many seeds of this kind deliver more potency, with THC reaching up to 33% depending on the cultivator.

How long does it take for Hella Jelly to grow? ›

Hella Jelly is ease to cultivate, offering a fast flowering period. It is ready to harvest after about 45 days of flowering in indoor cannabis cultivation.

Is Jolly Rancher strain good? ›

Not much is known about its roots, but the notable skunk and diesel nose combined with a fruity tart flavor makes it a standout. It can provide a creeping high that may start with a clear head and a boost in thoughtfulness that can progress into a happy state of couch-lock.

What is jelly runtz? ›

A hybrid created by Humboldt Seed Co., Jelly Runtz comes from crossing White Runtz and Hella Jelly, two strains heavy on the candy terps, but not quite as stupefying as straight Runtz. It's got a mix of iced-out, lime green, and violet buds.

Why do you gelly indica or sativa? ›

This strain is 30% sativa and 70% indica. Why U Gelly is 22% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers. Bred by Chronicseur Farms, the average price of Why U Gelly typically ranges from $10-$15 per gram.

What does a sativa gummy do to you? ›

Energizing Effects: Sativa gummies and other edibles are associated with energizing consumers, making them ideal picks for anyone searching for an extra energy boost. Mood Enhancement: Many sativa strains have been linked with producing feelings of euphoria, aiding in the improved mental well-being of many consumers.

Should I get sativa or indica gummies? ›

When choosing between sativa and indica edibles, consider the desired effects, time of day, and your specific needs. Sativa edibles are ideal for daytime use and provide uplifting, energetic experiences. In contrast, indica edibles offer relaxation and may help with sleep and anxiety.

Is Jelly Rancher a sativa or indica? ›

Jelly Rancher is a sativa-dominant hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between Very Cherry and Notorious THC. Jelly Rancher is 20% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers.

Is Hella Jelly sativa? ›

Bred by Humboldt Seed Company, Hella Jelly (formerly called Jelly Rancher) is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain (30% indica, 70% sativa). Its average THC content falls between 26% and 30%.

Does indica or sativa make you hyper? ›

The often-applied rule of thumb is that sativa is more invigorating and energizing, while indica is more relaxing and calming — but it's not that simple. Individual plants produce varying effects, even among the same type of cannabis. It all depends on the plant's chemical composition and the growing technique used.

Is my vape sativa or indica? ›

Sativa and Indica do have different scent profiles, however. Overall, Indica flower leans toward a muskier, skunk-like aroma, while Sativas tend to be a little sweeter with brighter notes.

What is the most stimulating sativa strain? ›

The Best Sativa Strains for an Energizing Cannabis Experience
  • Green Crack. THC Content: 15-25% CBD Content: Low. ...
  • Sour Diesel. THC Content: 20-25% CBD Content: Low. ...
  • Jack Herer. THC Content: 18-24% CBD Content: Low to moderate. ...
  • Durban Poison. THC Content: 15-25% CBD Content: Low. ...
  • Super Silver Haze. THC Content: 18-23%

Is Jelly Breath a sativa or indica? ›

Jelly Breath is a heavy indica-leaning hybrid that's sure to delight connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Born from a carefully curated blend of Mendo Breath and Do-Si-Dos, Jelly Breath offers a relaxing experience with an unforgettable sweet flavor.

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